IIf you have purchased a real estate project in the Provence or at the Côte d’Azur, or if you are about to do so, you can contact us for a first meeting. We will then advise you concerning the formalities and procedures regarding your project in the south of France and will share with you our first findings and ideas.

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The next step is to conceive the project. We will, in narrow collaboration with you, establish the project plans and all necessary documents for the permits if needed. We will in some occasions work with local architects. We maintain good relationships with the local authorities and have good knowledge of the local zoning plan.

zomoz tekeningen 2The next phase is the preparation of the project that consists of the following:

  • Establishment of the project plans and detail plans.
  • Advising you regarding the materials that we will use for the project. We will, if needed, accompany you in the search of the materials at the different suppliers to make sure that you will be able to make a well founded choice in the materials like sanitary equipments, windows, floor- and wall tiles, ….etc. to use in your project.
  • The establishment of a detailed work description for the different craftsmen.
  • The coordination of the diverse special studies that might be needed for the project like there could be: ground surveys, concrete and stability studies … etc.
  • The establishment of a detailed planning for the works.
  • Obtaining quotes for the different works.
  • Assessing the obtained quotes and advising you in the choices of craftsmen to use for the project.
  • Fixing the final and definitive budget.
  • Establishment of the conditions and contracts for the different companies that will execute the works (masons, plumbers, electricians …etc.).