zomoz project2 20In this phase of our mission it is our goal to communicate as clearly as possible with our clients. We will see to it that the building works are executed in accordance with the agreements made with the different companies and in accordance with the architectural layouts of the project. We aim to deliver a high quality product and to take away a big part of your worries.

Because of years of experience, we know perfectly how to organize and manage a building project.  ZomoZ Home Concept is fully committed to this and has very good knowledge of local customs and local building codes and regulations. These codes and regulations need to be respected by the different companies for the technical/building part of the works as well as for the administrative and legal part of the operation. We are well familiar with these complex matters and if needed we can gather additional advice from experts with whom we have good relationships.

It is in our opinion essential for our clients, when they undertake a building project in the south of France, to have a local contact that will defend their interests during the works. ZomoZ Home Concept will do exactly that.

The phase of project management consists of the following:

  • The start of actual works.
  • Setting up weekly site meetings.
  • Report back to the client and all concerned parties about these site meetings.
  • See to it that the works are executed according to the agreements made with de different companies. We will see to it that they will respect the global conception of the project and that they will respect the agreements on the actual execution part as well as the financial part of these agreements.
  • We will assist you in the handover of the completed works.

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